Artists Bios

Hi my name is Luba Korduba and I am an ambitious artist, crafter, and graphic designer.  I like to keep myself busy while helping others in our mutual pursuit of creative endeavours.  My most popular craft is the aromatherapy diffusers I hand make from resin that do not require water or electricity called D.E.F.I. Diffusers.  They are mini fairy gardens that are great items to display with a hidden unique use.  I'm excited to start this adventure and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Feel free to contact me at:
Hello, my name is Cathy Zavodny and I have been making handmade jewelry for 20 years. I have done basic beading, etching, wire wrapped jewelry.  But beadwork and crochet jewelry are my favorite types of jewelry to make.  Feel free to reach me at:
Hello my name is Lisa Porium and we are Trixie and Lisa of Enchanted Emporium. We have been creating together for 8 years. We do 2D & 3D artwork inspired by nature and our spirituality, wire wrapped jewelry, leatherwork, steampunk and hats.  Trixie also up-cycle clothing with hand-painted one of a kind designs. As well as other things. Trixie and Lisa have  been doing art in some form most of their life. We have sold our art all around the world.  We also do custom work feel free to reach out to us at:
Hello my name is Sandy Blair and my company is HOPE & GLITTER.  The thought of making someone smile, makes my heart Happy!!  Having something with you that reminds you of someone or something near & dear to you, will hopefully make you Happy!! Hand & Custom made Keychains purse or backpack jewelry, bracelets & earrings.  I also do custom orders so feel free to contact me at:
Hello my name is Robert Hutchinson and my company is Design Hutch.  Photography has always been my hobby and I love to work with my hands in various creative ways including wood working, gardening, painting, and crafting.  If you want to reach out please feel free to email me at:
Crafting Memories is owned by Cyndi Brunnet, a disabled mother of two who loves to express her love for crafting by creating a wide variety of items which include key fobs, lanyards, tea cup bird feeders, fabric memory boards as well as jewelry such as bullet jewelry which is made from actual bullet slices and Swarovski crystals. She has such an array of craft items and liked to think there is literally something for everyone.