About Us

Hello and Welcome to The Skull and Pen Artist Boutique!

My name is Luba Korduba and I am the owner of The Skull and Pen.  I started this company because I not only wanted to share my own artwork and creations to people everywhere, I wanted to help others do the same.  Since 2020 has been such a learning experience and having to change how we do everything, I along with other artists and crafters have lost our best source of income....vendor and craft shows.

Since I no longer had the option to attend craft shows and still was doing my crafts I needed a new way to be able to sell it.  While some friends were gracious enough to purchase a few and help me promote my products it just wasn't enough and I felt badly that I couldn't offer them any compensation for what they where doing for me.

After many months of struggling I realized that there was a way I could sell our products and compensate those who help us do that with a basic affiliate company.  There are no other companies out there like us and that is what made me work even harder to succeed.  So I went to work day and night setting everything up, creating branding, getting artists and crafters interested, and getting to launch within a month.

So here we are starting this new adventure together and I cannot wait to see where we end up and how amazing sharing art will change people's lives!